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  1. Gooberandcindy.com

    I hate it when that happens. Very relatable. :)

    • Stan

      Yeah it’s the least desired outcome. But it is the most probable.

  2. paws4thot

    Never mind her sucky reward system; is Pam’s manager single? :twisted:

    • Stan

      lol, possibly. Maybe I can have a cameo for you as a possible suitor.

      • paws4thot

        If you want to do so, feel free.

        Relevant points:-
        1) I’m basically an IT type.
        2) I’m also qualified to manage an IT department.
        3) Joint major in Computer Science and Business studies. (funny Scots educaiton system)

  3. gut

    dont be the first but dont be the worst….

    • Stan

      You said it.

  4. chur

    I learned from television that half-a$$ed is the only way to work. Thanks television.

    • Stan

      yes, the television only speaks the truth. lol

  5. AC

    Hey this reminds me of someone. Me!

    • Stan

      you and so many more.

  6. TheRealAllPurposeGuru

    Does she *really* have toxic-waste-green hair?

    I’ve had bosses tell me such things. The amount of effort I put out is inversely proportional to the amount of bullshit I get from management.

    • paws4thot

      Have you considered trying the “pay related performance” assessment method?

      • All-Purpose Guru
        All-Purpose Guru

        “Pay related performance” only works when companies are generious enough to be willing to PAY for PERFORMANCE. Now what happens is they use the reason “our hands are tied for the indefinite future” and they divert that part of the budget towards executive compensation.

        • paws4thot

          I think you’ve got that more or less backwards – pay related performance is where you rate your remuneration package, and deliver an according level of performance, so if you’re getting no raise, they get no performance.

    • Stan

      haha I thought the green was a tad brighter. Yup, a lot of management teams have lost their way since their main reward channel has been cut off. They really have to start understanding that overloading their best performers and giving them nothing really isn’t benificial. If the other people aren’t doing their share why are they there?

  7. Eversor

    Woah, everything has a weird “sheen” or white line through it…the people look so stiff, except for the comically huge tits on all the females.

    The eyes look like templates and are just cliche 2nd grade anime dinner-plate eyes.

    The content is alright, I just eagerly wait to see the artist improve over time.

    • Stan

      Wow… first an insult, then a half-baked pick me up. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought this was a pick up line. Well I guess I will apologize for not meeting your standards. I will continue trying to improve.

  8. Julian

    Oh hell. That’s why I got those additional job assignments! Pam is much smarter than I :(

    • Stan

      she still got the assignments. So everyone is still in the same boat. =)

  9. Bill

    Quit your whining. The reward indeed is more work in this day and age. That won’t hit you until you are out of a job and there are plenty of people that are in need of one. When are you going to stop bitching at reality Stan. Wake up.

    • Stan

      1) Bill, come back to me when you’ve been in a team of 4, in which you’re doing the work of the entire team, be the team lead and go to guy for everything, and then find out you’re getting paid less than the other three. My thing is if you have the money to pay people for not being productive, you have the money to pay the people that are productive. Don’t get me wrong, I know management has its limitations but that doesn’t mean it is right. What you are telling me to accept is being good at work and working hard will get you nowhere. I can tell you now that there is no way in hell that I will accept that. If you want to be my guest.

      2) The reason why I create these comics is to show people they are not alone. There is comfort in knowing that people share and understand things that you have gone through. If this doesn’t work for you, maybe this isn’t the right place for you to be.

      • Bill

        1) Not saying being good at work will get you no where. not speaking up and creating leverage for yourself will do that to you. There is an easy solution mr hardworking lead/go to guy. your resume and performance speaks for itself right? if what you said is true, there will be plenty willing to hire you and pay you well for it….or your current employer would not hesitate to pay you more to stay since the other 3 will just not cut it when you are gone. speak up and fight for yourself. have you gotten a better sense of your value yet by taking either of those steps?
        2) I’m sorry you don’t get a pat on the back from every visitor you get…..

        • Stan

          1) In an ideal world you’re right, but this world is far from ideal. Management has limitations or have you not experienced this yet? It is pretty obvious that you have not dealt with many roadblocks in your career. If everything has been working out for you so far consider yourself fortunate. You are probably good at what you do and that is great. But there are plenty of great people out there that never even get a chance. It is better to be lucky than good sometimes. If you really think nobody good in this world gets screwed over you are clueless to reality.

          2) I don’t need a pat on the back. I just don’t need ignorant condescending comments.

          • mid

            Stan, you said you were the team leader? So why aren’t you leading your team, instead of letting your team lead you? Maybe you are the least paid there, but someone in management obviously see’s you for being able to do more leadership in the future possibly and wants to see how you handle it before you get dropped in it?

            And in most cases, if the people aren’t willing to do the job you assign them on the project, talk to the boss about it. Or who ever is above you and the team.

  10. Corey

    too bad your getting a pat on the back from me , I’ve read your whole comic and i must say you have defintly improved over the entirety of the comic and i have enjoyed it, it is amazing and puts a smile on my face and sometimes makes me break out into hysterical laughter… either way good job…”pat” pat”

  11. FlashXX

    **reads *cough*andskims*cough*long*cough*paragraphs*cough* comments of how management works** o0 * whistles* Wow, you and the ‘majors’ sure know how rough it is. I wonder if the reason Ya’Ya’s laid off/let-me-go is because I failed to make the average mark due to lack of the multi-tasking skill?

    Do you think Chur’s comment would’ve worked for me, had I the the ability to ‘Multi-task at intermediate level?


    June 6th?? if we take up a collection and pay you, will you draw a new comic? Hey a better Idea! Everyone take this comic and change the captions. Funniest one gets to the fill in work for stan.

  13. The4d6

    Hoo, its dusty here.

    Gotta say, I love your comic. I don’t think typing in “PLZ DU MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!” is going to change your mind, but I’m pretty sure that whatever reason you have will be good enough for the time being. You’ll probably look back on it right now saying “Man, I remember that 2 month gap between comics.” But that’s okay. We still love you.

  14. dabtech

    cough cough! *sneeze* wooh the dust! its a killer!

  15. UncleRice

    Meh, does it pay well?

  16. B

    no rantz = happiness?


    • KitKat

      The author recently commented on the 8th of Nov, apologizing for the absence, and mentioning how he’s one of the Hurricane Sandy refuges now. So I doubt there will be anything before the end of the year. But calling him a jerk is certainly not going to speed things up.

      • B

        Some people need a kick start, not excuses. Sadly enough, saying jerk would be considered especially kind of me. Just call me old fashion.

      • UncleRice

        Wot? another comic artist whining about massive natural disasters leveling/flooding their region or child birth or the economy or the plague or 14 broken bones or a paying job getting between them and their comic? What’s this world coming to?

  17. ShadowEvilx

    New to the comic, really loving it. Unfortunately I think I’ve been here so long I can’t remember which site I found you on for sure (no doubt a different comic) Can’t wait to see more :D

  18. Parker Brown
    Parker Brown

    Any hope of seeing updates in the future? I love the strip and I’ve been around for at least 6 months, checking a few times a week just to see if you’re back yet.

  19. Shan

    Cool comic! Just read through the lot of it. So recognizable. I’m sorry you needed to stop/take a break. Yet I love you for leaving us this much of your great way of thinking.

  20. Tim

    I will take commenter KitKat at their word that “he’s one of the Hurricane Sandy refuges now”, so my whining about lack of updates can easily wait.
    All I have to say is that there are still a bunch of ads running all over the net. It is a good reminder to old fans, but I don’t know if one gets their moneys worth when there are no new updates because newcomers will disappointed with the lack of updates.

  21. GreyWolf

    Been 4 months now, hoping this is only because you’re having to work that hard to recover from what Sandy did to you guys in the northeast, and not because you’ve decided you like the peace and quiet when you’re not doing site updates. :D

    Hope you’re doing ok, and that we can look forward to updates in the future. Give us a post, so we know you’re back on dry land, at least?

  22. carnaby

    Just read through to the latest comic… when will there be an update?!?

  23. HearAboutItLater

    Here’s an irony. Almost a year since this updated, and y’know what? It’s STILL being advertised on various comics (I got here from Out At Home).

  24. Bobtheblob

    I don’t think he is coming back. Maybe he forgot about the comic.

  25. Arran

    Can’t wait to see more. What happened?

  26. gramps

    He’s dead Jim.

  27. Karen

    over a year since the last update. I’m sorry. I just can’t keep checking this.

  28. JT

    gramps reaction is starting to freak me out more and more the more time goes on without any reaction/update or whatsoever fro stan…

    please be in good health, and… let us know something?

    if else… (RIP… ?)

  29. Buff

    Sup Stanley Kong. Looks like you badass now ..comic artist and all.. Damn yo Stan quit his job to make a point to write funny comics online. A true inspiration. Go get em mr kong… You bad.

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